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          Shandong Baimai Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd ? ? ? ?Tel:?+86(531)-83877197

          Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

          Tel: +86(531)-83877197

          Fax: +86(531)-83877197

          Quality is the capital of enterprise survival. To satisfy customer and technical requirements, only high quality products in the market that we will be recognized by customer.
          Our engineers and technicians attend all kinds of professional trainings and keep an eyes on the development of current technology to maintain the products’ lastest technical standard.


          Shandong Baimai Construction Machinery Co, Ltd,?established in 1995, it's a professional designated enterprise for tower crane by Nation quality inspection bureau, now is one of the big construction machinery enterprise in Shandong,Province China. In dec, 2008, we won “Tower crane top fifty enterprise of China”?issued by The State Trademark Office. In order to respond to the call of the western development of state, the company established Sichuan Baimai Construction Machinery Co, Ltd in Guang’an Sichuan Province in 2010, the company covers a land of 5300 square meters and has registered capital of RMB 15 million. In 2014, 2985 sets tower crane were exported to all over the world from our factory, including South-east Asia, the Middle East,?Africa etc.

          Research and Development (R&D)??
          - In cooperation with colleges, introduced advanced tower crane production technology andequipment from Europe, Japan and America.
          - Cooperate with international first-class enterprises to establish strategic partnership and supply relationship, from raw materials, spare

          ? ?parts procurement and other sources, guaranteed the quality of Baimai machine flow.
          - National level research academy for various building equipment for over 22 years.
          - Continuous development of new solutions and products adapted to the requirements.
          - Technical experts with abundant experience in relative fields.

          - ?Our products cover 9 series of more than 20 models, such as QTZ40. QTZ50. QTZ63.QTZ80, the technical indicators have reached the? ? ? leading level at home and abroad.
          - ?Complete quality control system.
          - ?Full production capacity up to 2000 tower cranes annually (with various load from4tons to 25tons )

          Commercial & Marketing
          - Grown from 50 staff into a million company with over 700 employees.

          - Full international business experiences.
          - Global network & localization strategy.
          - Professional & high efficiency team.


          CONTACT US

          Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.